is FINALLY updated!

So I have finally gotten around to working on my website.  My domain has existed for a couple years, but the main page has not been anything more than a static, uninteresting, and dry landing page stating  “more would be coming soon”.  Well, that “more” is now!

Now the main page is a glorious single page dynamic website with links to my projects and information about myself.  I can’t hardly take any of the credit though, since I have been so busy with life in general, I decided I better at least dive in and create something I like– and so I bought a nice little Bootstrap template for $8.00!  Not bad.  Gave me the inspiration I needed to continue on the never ending quest to get my web presence established, and maybe, just maybe, start getting some visitors to my site.

I was so impressed with the template I think my next official tutorial will be how to make a page just like it using my favorite javascript libraries and bootstrap!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!

I will be adding more links to my projects over the years, as well as keep this site updated with information about my current endeavors.


Thanks for reading!  Come back often!

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